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Plus Size Formal Dress Guide

Tips on how to choose the perfect formal dress
Plus Size Formal Dress Guide
A list of online retailers that sell plus size formal dresses

Don't skimp on size. Be sure to get a dress that's not too tight for you. The fit is really important! Always have someone measure you and keep your measurements.

A simple silhouette will streamline your shape. A-line, empire, bias, and column styles can be good because they skim the outline of your figure without a lot of extra fabric or fussy details.

A full ball gown skirt can also work well by accentuating a small waist, hiding heavy hips, or generally balancing out your proportions.

An empire waist gown can be flattering whether you're large-busted or small-busted. It emphasizes your chest and throat area and de-emphasizes your waist and hips.

If you prefer a shorter cocktail dress, choose an asymmetrical hemline style that will give you a longer, slimmer look.

Get your dress tailored. You'll feel 100x more confident in your gown if it fits like a glove. And you shouldn't expect that to happen right off the rack. Bring it to a seamstress (at your local cleaners) and have them take it in where you want it to feel closer to your body, and have them let it out where you want a little wiggle/dancing room.

Always choose your gown color carefully. Darker colors are more slimming than pastels. If you have a favorite color, choose a shade of it that flatters you.

If you need to wear a bra with your dress, look for a dress with wide straps. Another way to go is a strapless long-line or a halter bra, which can be found in department and bra specialty stores or online.
Plus Size Bra and Shapewear

Make double-sided tape your BFF. Curvy girls live for Hollywood Fashion Tape, and for good reason. You can use the double-sided tape to close any gaps in your dress, like in between buttons. You can even make your hem shorter and also keep a strapless bra from falling down.

Wear lightweight boy shorts under your gown to minimize chaffing. Nothing ruins your night more than your thighs rubbing together while you're dancing, causing painful chafing. Wearing shorts under your dress will totally save your thighs. Find a seamless version that won't show through if you're wearing a fitted gown.

If you're concerned about heavy arms, here are some fixes: Look for a dress with short sleeves or semi-attached, "off the shoulder" sleeve-lets that extend the neckline horizontally. Wear a filmy wrap gathered around your shoulders. Wear a pair of above-the-elbow black gloves.

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